Deluxe Warbow Ash Arrows


Handplaned/tapered warbow arrows, suitable for heavy draw bows. 1/2″ to 3/8″ tapers unless requested otherwise.

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For the archer who wants that extra level of authenticity and satisfaction! Our deluxe arrows start with a 1/2 inch hand planed ash shaft – choose from Bobtail, Breasted, Barrelled or chested and we will do the rest! All of our hand planed arrows are made to Livery specifications so you will receive a handfletched arrow with 7 3/8 inch long fletchings, a 2 inch horn insert to the self nock and white linen whipping with a minimum 4 turns to the inch.

Our arrows are finished in natural wax and are supplied without a head. As these are made to order please expect a delay before delivery occurs.

Prices are per arrow, minimum order is 6.

Additional information

Shaft type

Bobtail, Breasted, Barrelled, Chested

Cock Feather Colour

White, Black, Grey, Bronze Brown, Red, Blue

Hen Feather Colour

White, Black, Grey, Bronze Brown, Red, Blue

Linen Colour

White, Black, Red, Blue


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