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Looking for unique gift ideas? Our experiences and courses make perfect and thoughtful presents for your friends and loved ones whether they have an interest in history, in sports or are just difficult to buy for! Our gift certificates offer something for everyone and are guaranteed to put a huge smile on their face. 

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Archery experiences

Gifts available for:

Two hour Longbow Tasters, try different types of longbows, learn to hit the target at different distances and even shoot an authentic warbow! Family voucher available.

Three hour Longbow & Warbow Master Classes, learn to shoot the traditional way and lay the foundations for heavier draw bows. This is a coaching session aimed at those who want to progress their new hobby

Five hour 1346 Immersive Archery Experience, a unique day for those who want something truly unique! A full day of shooting and living the lifestyle of a military archer. Wearing the uniform, spending the coins, even eating the food, this day has you covered as we guide you through the 14th Century!


Archery Experiences

Learn to shoot an English Longbow



Bow & Arrow Making

Gifts available for:

One day Bow Making, Craft an ash bow in a day, popular with reenactors, this natural bow will teach you the basics in shaping and tillering.

Two day Laminate Bow Making, suitable for serious archers who want a bow to shoot at targets and traditional long range disciplines a like. Craft the bow with handtools, learn more about tillering, hand carve the horn nocks and learn string making

Arrow Making, learn to fletch your own traditional arrows on either our standard course to produce a set of target arrows or on our military war arrow course to learn more! 


Craft Courses

Bow and arrow making



Black Smithing 

Gifts available for:

Traditional Black Smithing, starting form 3 hours and going to a full day, craft your own BBQ sets just in time for summer! Impress your friends at your next gathering with tools you personally shaped and created from hot metal with a hammer. No previous experience necessary! 

Knife Making, craft your own Viking style knife suitable for bush craft or general food prep. We recommend that you consider the basic Black Smithing Taster session to learn hammer skill prior to this course.

Arrow Smithing, from 3 hour tasters to full day courses, learn how to make your own bodkin with more advanced sessions available to learn forge welded heads e.g. type 16s etc.  


Forge Courses

Black Smithing and More



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