Warranty on bows

We hope that you will never require your warranty however should the unlikely occur…

  1. You receive a warranty on all bows purchased from Now Strike Archery Ltd for a period of 1 year from date of purchase and under normal use.
  2. Your warranty covers the workmanship of the bow to include the glue lines on a laminate stave.

In order to keep your warranty you must follow the instructions below:

  1. Store your bow safely away from heat sources including direct sunlight
  2. Lay the bow flat when in storage
  3. Always use the supplied stringer to string your bow for shooting and always use it to de-string when finished and before storaging.
  4. Never leave your bow strung when not used
  5. Never dry shoot your bow (loosing without an arrow) as you will severely damage the wood
  6. Never try and brace the bow backwards
  7. Always wax your bow with natural beeswax
  8. Never overpull your bow beyond the specified draw length
  9. Inspect your string for damage and replace it as necessary. A string that breaks can result in bow damage

Your warranty does not include the materials. As wood is a natural material it can sometimes have unforeseen defects within that develop over time or fail suddenly. Should this happen it is at our discretion to replace or repair.