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  • Laminated bows


    At Now Strike Archery Ltd we craft our laminated bows with just as much care and craftsmanship as

    our yew bows. Typically a laminated bow will comprise a belly made from lemonwood, a core from

    purpleheart, pauamarrillo or greenheart. And a hickory back. Unlike many bowyers these days we do

    not use bamboo in any of our bows. All of our laminated bows are tillered to 32 inches and bend full

    compass. Each bow is fitted with hand carved horn nocks and a horn arrow-pass.

    You can vary the look of your bow by specifying different core woods.


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  • Tapered Tri Laminate Bow StaveTapered Tri Laminate Bow Stave

    Pre-glued Tri Laminate Bow Stave so you can make you’re own longbow. This stave also comes with the tapers already cut to give you the basic shape of the bow to start you off.

    Length – 78in (minimum)
    Width – 1.5in
    Depth – 1.5in

    Back – Maple or Hickory
    Core – Purple Heart
    Belly – Lemon Wood

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  • Blank Tri-Laminate Bow StaveBlank Tri-Laminate Bow Stave

    Pre-glued Tri Laminate Bow Stave so you can make you're own longbow

    Length – 78in (minimum)
    Width – 1.5in
    Depth – 1.5in

    We can offer a combination of different woods so please do discuss this with us before purchase. The belly typically is lemon wood, the back will either be Maple or Hickory depending on availability and we can offer a choice of different core woods.

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    Self Yew Longbow


    To an archer yew is the Rolls Royce of woods for bow-making, many will never own a yew bow but for those who do shooting a yew bow is one of life’s great pleasures.

    At Now Strike Archery ltd, our bowyers have undergone many years of study and hand make every bow to our customer’s specification.

    All of our yew bows are based on bows raised from the Mary Rose and can be tillered to 32 inches and to bend full compass. We love to offer our customers bespoke options so we love to include an original and authentic medieval coin inserted as an arrow-pass, making each bow completely unique. Other options can include buffalo or cow horn nocks, back or side nocked and a choice of different finishes. Each bow comes complete with string, string keep and bow bag.

    All of our yew longbows are made to measure so you won’t get a generic off the shelf product. Please call us on 01245 248130 to discuss your needs.

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  • Doubled looped flemished twist bow strings made to order from B55

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  • All 3 courses:

    • Bow Making
    • Arrow Making
    • Master Class

    All at an amazing price!

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  • Have you ever wanted to have a bow that you can really have true ownership over?

    Now Strike Archery is proud to offer this exciting course where, over two days and under full tuition, you craft your own longbow. Starting out with a blank tri-laminate stave you learn to shape the bow using traditional hand tools before tillering to learn what to look for in the bend as you work it to “full compass”.

    You then go on to shape and fit the horn nocks before adding an arrow pass and making your own string. Our experienced bowyers guide you at every step and can cater for all abilities.

    Lunch is included on both days as well as all the tea/coffee you can drink.

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