Blacksmithing Course

Blacksmithing Taster days £165
An introduction to general blacksmithing skills, this is where all smiths start. Learn how to manage the fire, draw down a point and make basic scrolls. Includes selecting materiel appropriate to the task and working with the common tools such as tongs.

Objective: make a fire poker and an S hook.


Blacksmithing improvers course 1. £425
3 days in the forge this is for people who may have done some basic smithing or who have completed the taster day. We will start to look at more complex skills such as turning an eye, making shackles and traces, punching holes and forge welding.

Objective: make a pair of hook and band hinges.


Blacksmithing improvers course 2. £425

3 days in the forge for those who want to improve their skills and work in a more artistic way. We will look at scroll work, making leaves and leaf scrolls, and forge welding.

Objective: make 2 matching flambau’s.

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Arrow-smithing Courses

    Arrow-smithing Courses

Arrow-smithing introduction to arrow-smithing. £165
A 1 day course to introduce you to making arrowheads the traditional way! Over the course of a day you will learn how to form a socket and draw down a simple square bodkin. If time allows you will then start to look at different types of bodkins and start practicing making them. We will also discuss and practice methods of hardening arrowheads.


Arrow-smithing improvers course £425
A 3 day course in arrow-smithing where you will learn to refine your bodkin points and also to make different types of broad-head arrow heads including different methods of manufacturing including forge welding and use of a hot set. Also includes making fire cage arrow heads.​