Events & Shows

We attend many shows throughout the year and are delighted to work with such a variety of organisers and clients.

We offer various services specialising in historical interpretation and demonstration centred on the hundred years war period with demonstrations of living history including the use of traditional weapons.

We can demonstrate in historic medieval structures and clothing how to make a traditional Yew Long Bow along with fletchers craft showing the process of making arrows as it would have been created over 600 years ago. In addition to this we work with a number of skilled historians and can provide other services including Apothecary, Medieval Cooking and daily life, Plaque doctor using special FX make up and black smithing demonstrations.

We also offer arena demonstrations with the use of war bows, demonstrating accuracy and speed as well as the training exercises laid down in the Richard 3rd codex.

We can use recitations from Shakespeare to help set the scene and create atmosphere.

As we are the only company in the UK that offers the opportunity to shoot a yew bow as a traditional archer would have we also offer the public the opportunity to “Have a go with a Long Bow” giving them the chance to experience the use of shooting with a yew bow and arrow.

If you are interested in having us at your event then please contact us via our contact form or call 01245-248130.

Events & Shows