Re-living history in schools is an important part of the National Curriculum from Key Stage 1 upwards.  We happily attend schools giving them an in depth insight into medieval history dating back to the 1400c and beyond.

We can talk about the development of the Church, State and Society in Medieval Britain. For instance how the church impacted on everyday life, what it meant to be English in medieval England and how society was structured.

We look at the economy,  healthcare and the impact of the Black Death after 1348/9 and how the peasant’s revolt changed society for the working men and women in Medieval England.

Talk about our relations as a country with our near neighbours such as Scotland, Wales, Ireland and France.  What it meant to be a king in medieval England and why some were better than others. And what it meant to be a solider in medieval England and in particular an Archer such a powerful force for change in medieval Europe.

The above gives you a little insight of what we can offer to your school.  We have various packages to choose from, a 2 hour presentation with questions and answers to interactive workshops, as well as giving the pupils the opportunity to shoot with a real authentic longbow and arrow.

We can taylor our visit to suit your school’s needs, for further information please contact us on 01245 – 248130 or via our contact form.


Our fully qualified speakers and instructors are all DBS checked.

Public Speaking

We welcome the opportunity of attending your group, organisation or club to talk about the history of the Long Bow and how and why this was used.

We talk about the reasons why the 100 year war ever happened, the social and political climate at the time.

The role of the trade guilds, the financial and legal implications and the archers’ status and position in society.

We do charge a fee for attending to cover our time and expenses, for further information please contact us on 01245-248130 or via our contact form.