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Bow Making Course
  • Create the perfect bow for you

    with our Bow Making Course. 

Have you ever wanted to have a bow that you can really have true ownership over?

Now Strike Archery is proud to offer this exciting course where, over two days and under full tuition, you craft your own longbow.

Starting out with a blank tri-laminate stave you learn to shape the bow using traditional hand tools before tillering to learn what to look for in the bend as you work it to “full compass”.

You then go on to shape and fit the horn nocks before adding an arrow pass and making your own string.

Our experienced bowyers guide you at every step and can cater for all abilities. Lunch is included on both days as well as all the tea/coffee you can drink.

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Arrow Making Course

Learn to make arrows the traditional way!

This one day course will take you through making your own arrow shafts by hand from straight grained ash. You will learn how to insert horn for strength before cutting the nock.

Our instructors will then teach you the secrets of fletching using rabbit skin glue, shaping the feathers into fletchings and then whipping them to the shaft.

Lunch is included and you can take home as many arrows as you can make in the day.

Courses are tailored to individual needs, so make sure to let us know if you want to make heavy military arrows or lighter but authentic looking re-enactment arrows

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  • A one day course to teach you the 

    traditional way of making arrows!

Master Class Course
  • Learn the historical way.

    Tailored for any level of archer, the Master Course will hone your skills

Learn to shoot the historical way!

The traditional way of shooting a bow is very different to the modern methods simply due to the way the bow behaves and our experienced instructors are ready to pass their knowledge onto you!

Our Master Classes can be tailored to absolute beginners or to those who are use to shooting, but want to learn how to be accurate with a longbow.

Our courses can either be spread over a number of sessions or over a day depending on your needs and availability.

Start by learning the basic technique in the shooting position before moving onto basic accuracy using traditional targets.

All training will follow medieval disciplines as you learn the technique to shoot at speed to hit a man sized target 12 times in a minute.

Before the course closes you will learn shooting at distance and how to use the other shooting positions available to a trained archer in the King’s Army.

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Blacksmithing Course

Blacksmithing Taster days £165
An introduction to general blacksmithing skills, this is where all smiths start. Learn how to manage the fire, draw down a point and make basic scrolls. Includes selecting materiel appropriate to the task and working with the common tools such as tongs.

Objective: make a fire poker and an S hook.


Blacksmithing improvers course 1. £425
3 days in the forge this is for people who may have done some basic smithing or who have completed the taster day. We will start to look at more complex skills such as turning an eye, making shackles and traces, punching holes and forge welding.

Objective: make a pair of hook and band hinges.


Blacksmithing improvers course 2. £425

3 days in the forge for those who want to improve their skills and work in a more artistic way. We will look at scroll work, making leaves and leaf scrolls, and forge welding.

Objective: make 2 matching flambau’s.

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  • Blacksmithing Courses!

Arrow-smithing Courses

    Arrow-smithing Courses

Arrow-smithing introduction to arrow-smithing. £165
A 1 day course to introduce you to making arrowheads the traditional way! Over the course of a day you will learn how to form a socket and draw down a simple square bodkin. If time allows you will then start to look at different types of bodkins and start practicing making them. We will also discuss and practice methods of hardening arrowheads.


Arrow-smithing improvers course £425
A 3 day course in arrow-smithing where you will learn to refine your bodkin points and also to make different types of broad-head arrow heads including different methods of manufacturing including forge welding and use of a hot set. Also includes making fire cage arrow heads.​


Course Bundles

All of our courses can be booked as bundles upon request, but here are our most popular packages. 

Apprentice Bundle

This course combines our laminate longbow making course, our standard arrow making course – 3 day course​ – save 44% on the arrow making

Journeyman Bundle

Do you want to make a long weekend of traditional crafts and fully immerse yourself in historic archery? This is one of our most popular products which combines our laminate longbow making course, our standard arrow making course and our longbow master class.  – 4 day course – Save 86% on the Master Class!

Master Bundle

The full package! Make your longbow, smith your arrowheads, build your arrows and follow up with a longbow masterclass – 5 day course – The Master Class is FREE!

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