About Us

We offer historical interpretation and demonstration centred on the hundred years war period with demonstrations of living history and use of the traditional weapons.

In addition we offer hands on experiences to teach you about traditional crafts and archery.

Now Strike takes its name from the command given by Sir Thomas Erpingham to the archers at Agincourt. When reputedly he threw his marshall’s baton high into the air and cried

“Now Strike my archers, now strike”.

The Emphasis of Now Strike is on fun with history rather than facts and figures, although we can do those too!

Now Strike is unique in that we enable people to use a yew longbow at our have a go session. We are also proud to include clients such as theNational Trust, English Heritage, Quintessentially British Events and other such organisations and attend many shows and events throughout the year.

In addition to our “have a go” and events packages, we also offer a quality range of long bows and authentic medieval arrows for sale which are made in house using traditional tools and methods.

Further to this we are proud to offer bow and arrow making courses at the end of which you can take home your finished work.

Now Strike Archery Ltd can provide a number of services including safety checks of your equipment or range set ups for your events.

  • Liam Kilbride
    Liam Kilbride

    Liam Kilbride is the Events Director of Now Strike Archery. Liam liaises with our various clients and delivers the services to the events that we proudly offer. Liam's passion for…

  • Adam Jenkins
    Adam Jenkins

    Adam is the Marketing Director of Now Strike Archery and brings a diversity of skills to the company. Adam has had many varied careers including Falconry and Outdoor sports however he…

  • Tom Mareschall
    Tom Mareschall

    Tom Mareschall is the Operations Director of Now Strike Archery Ltd, he has been making bows for over 40 years and is well known for the quality of his workmanship. He is also…