Longbow Making Courses

Have you ever dreamt of making your own longbow by hand? Our craft courses are extremely popular and give you that chance to craft your own bow with hand tools in the traditional way – an excellent way for a beginner to enter the sport or perhaps a new challenge for an existing archer!

Now Strike Archery is proud to offer this popular craft course where, over two days, you shape your bow using planes, spoke shavers etc before fitting the horn nocks. You proceed to carve these by hand and you can go traditional Medieval or ornate Victorian – the choice is yours.

We teach you the dark art of tillering your bow to make it bend “full compass” from the middle out to the tips. You proceed to make your own string, learning the technique of a Flemish Twist before adding an arrow pass and fine finishing your bow.

Lunch is provided on both days and you take your bow home at the end of the course

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