Now Strike Archery Ltd a company who manufactures traditional yew longbows and arrows will be attending this year’s Essex Country Craft Show at Hylands House, Chelmsford on the weekend of 13th & 14th June offering the general public the opportunity of shooting with a real longbow.


The event which has been running for the past 4 years is set to see around 8,000 people attend and there will be something for everyone to see, including the main arena demonstrations where now Strike Archery will be demonstrating a speed shoot using traditional war bows.  They will also demonstrate the practices used by archers including demonstrating the versatility of shooting from various positions. As part of the entertainment they will take about the history of The Battle Agincourt as this year marks the 600th anniversary of the battle.  They will also recite one of the speeches from Henry the V.


Tom Mareschall – Co-Director of Now Strike Archery Ltd says “We are really looking forward to attending this event as it is set to be a busy weekend and if you haven’t already attended in previous years then why not come along.  We offer the general public the opportunity of learning a bit about history and why the longbow was used.  We also give people the opportunity of  “Having a go with a Longbow” for a small fee.


Now Strike Archery Ltd manufactures traditional yew long bows and arrows and offers historical interpretation and demonstration centred on the hundred year’s war period with demonstrations of living history and use of the traditional weapons. In addition they offer hands on experiences in traditional crafts and archery offering bow and arrow making courses followed by a Masterclass in the use of traditional bows and arrows.

For further information about Now Strike Archery contact contact Lindsay Hurrell, Business Development Manager, or visit